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Discover stock trading at ETFinance. Here we offer a wide range of stock shares for trading via CFDs. CFDs are an increasingly popular way to trade stocks and other assets that gives you an option to speculate on share prices. You can go long, expecting prices to increase, or go short, speculating that the asset price will decrease. If your speculation is correct, you will profit.


CFD is short for contract for difference, a unique method that lets you make the most of changing prices, all the while trading with leverage. You can make large or small investments and equally choose to use short or long-term investment time frames.

There are several features that make stock trading with CFDs a functional way for many investors to trade. For example, when you trade with CFDs, you are not buying and selling the underlying asset but instead you are trading on the change in the asset’s value.


Some investors can also take advantage of certain tax benefits and improve the liquidity of their portfolio. In addition, if prices are generally decreasing, such as in a bear market, shorting your investments via CFDs might be an interesting tactic, and going short is an important feature of CFD trading.

A Variety of Stock Shares

ETFinance is known for having a wide selection of stock shares that can be traded with CFDs. You will find some of the world’s most-well-known companies in our share offering including companies that are traded on NASDAQ, Euronext, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Some options include Amazon, Tesla, Xiaomi, Tesco, Apple, Walmart, Sonic Healthcare, SAP, Sony and Merck.

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